Begin tending to your roots

Together we can sink into a deeper sense of belonging by living in tune with the inner and outer seasons, embracing our inner child as well as our shadow, nurturing the budding kinship with ancestry, tending to our dreamworlds, and supporting ourselves with emotional embodiment practices, coping skills, and ancient arts tested by time.

Meet Your Guide

✦ Folk Herbalist, Space Holder, and Ritualist ✦

Abigail Roach

Fáilte, a chàirdean, is mise Abigail. I'll be utilizing this space to share what I've learned on my journey of reclamation. I'm a trained herbalist, a life-long dreamer, a guide for those embarking on their lineage healing path, a practitioner of ancestral, earth honoring ways of living, and a space holder for women's empowerment circles. I'm honored to share this wisdom with you, may it serve you well on your journey back to your roots.

Are you yearning to be held in community while embarking on a path of reclamation?

If you resonate with one or more of the following qualities, this program was birthed to life with you in mind. Please do not hesitate to reach out to learn more about pricing, scholarship opportunities, early access benefits, and course details. Beanneachd leibh ✦

Course Offerings

    1. The Intention

    2. The Community

    1. Intro to this chapter

    2. Finding your Voice and Vision

    3. Creative Expression as Ceremony

    1. Intro to this chapter

    2. Honoring the Red Tent

    3. Blood Rituals

    1. Intro to chapter

    2. Ode to the Land

    3. Dreaming for the Land

    1. Intro to chapter

    2. Familial Roots

    3. Following the Thread

    1. Integration

    2. Reviews/Survey

Find Your Roots

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